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ETFs and Marathons for 2019

August 12th, 2018 3:34 PM by Eric Fang

Updated a few pages on my website this weekend.


2)Marathons schedules for 2019:
I have the following marathons registered:
CIM in Dec 2018
Carlsbad Marathon Jan 2019
Big Sur Marathon April 2019
Vancouver May 2019
San Francisco Marathon July 2019
And will Register Chicago for Oct 2019.

Will be very excited for the next year. I have a plan to run 100 marathons, and I will finish 1/4 of the plan the end of next year(25 marathons).

3)I talked with my friends about ETFs this weekend. Right now, the trend of the trading changed a little bit. The weight of certain stocks are much higher than other stocks(like FANGs, or MAGA). So when one stock's performance not good, and people dump the ETFs, it will bring other stocks down. For example, on July 26thm FB was down about 20%, AAPL was down as well, though AAPL earnings were pretty good.

4)And I found that one bank stock has very good dividend: HSBC. The current yield is about 5.41%. But the stock performance is much worse than US stocks, like JPM, BAC, C, etc.

5)Let's talk about some mortgage rates, I will have some good 7/1ARM rates in October. Check with me now or later if you are interested. And Also, if you plan to purchase or refinance, contact with me if :
1)Your Debt to income ratio is over 43%. I can do loans with DTI around 50%, even Jumbo. And the rates are pretty good.
2)If you have less than 2 years credit score
3)If you are working overseas, or have oversea income
And I will post more info about the loans later on. My email:
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Posted by Eric Fang on August 12th, 2018 3:34 PM



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