The following are the rates as of 7:00AM PCT March 25, 2024. Rates are
subject to change without notice(The rates are for California only).

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The following rates are for refinance only. Lender may cover all the following fees:
Lender Underwriting, Appraisal, Credit Report, Notary, Flood Cert, Recording,
subordination(for 2nd loan if applicable). We assumed 720k for conforming; 1.089m for high balance loans. Credit over 740. LTV<=60%

Conforming(<=766,550)                       High Balance(>$766,500 & <=1,149,825)
30Yr. Fixed  6.375% APR 6.518%            30Yr. Fixed  6.750%  APR 6.882%
15Yr. Fixed  5.875% APR 6.014%            10Yr/6mo    6.750%  APR 6.882%
 30Yr. Fixed 6.750%  APR 6.820%
 10/6mo      6.750%  APR 6.922%

The rates for the purchase will be case by case, depending on how the contract is executed(i.e. who will pick up the fees, or buyer/seller splits)


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