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PR on my Big Sur half marathon Race

November 8th, 2015 10:59 PM by Eric Fang

The overall finish time was 1:35:57, 6 seconds better than my best time. I am very happy about it not because I ran faster, but because I was struggled at the beginning.

I went to the bathroom just prior to the race start, and I did not have enough time for the warm up. And there was some hills(just a little bit) for the first two miles, I was slow at the beginning. I finished my first mile at pace 7:18, and It was ok. Second mile at 7:16. Slowed to 7:27 on mile 3, then 7:42 on mile 4. And then I thought I might finish the race around 1 hour 40 minutes. For mile 5, I managed to pick up a little to 7:03. But slowed down again to 7:27 on mile 6.

But the miracle happened after that, my legs did not feel sore/tired at all then, so I picked race after that. Here are the pace splits:
Pace 7:19 for Mile 7
Pace 7:11 for Mile 8  
Pace 7:01 for Mile 9
Pace 7:02 for Mile 10 
Pace 7:09 for Mile 11
Pace 7:04 for Mile 12 
Pace 7:01 for Mile 13
Pace 6:25 for the last 0.2 miles(my watch distance).

Anyway, I ran the last 10k at my race 10k speed. So my overall pace was 7:13.
And I still had another PR for 6 seconds faster than a half marathon last year.

Let's see how I would run for another half marathon 2 week later. 

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Posted by Eric Fang on November 8th, 2015 10:59 PM



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