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April 24th, 2013 11:41 AM by Eric Fang

For quite sometime, we try to find out what is the
real meaning of the life. And how can we be happier
with a peaceful mind.

Over the weekend, during a staurday morning run,
a runner friend asked me why do not I buy expensive
cars, and he said that most Asians do. I told him
that I like simple life. And then he asked(jokingly),
are you cheap? I told him no, and I have my definition
of happiness, my dream of the life, etc.

Then on Sunday, we attended a wedding, a very simple,
but memorable wedding. The couple are a two young
musicians(with lots of the dream), and the ceremony
was at the vineyard of bride's former roommate,
and the used the backyard of her roommate's to have the
dinner and dances.

The bride and groom were driven to the ceremony scene
by a horse-driven carriage, and some of us sit on the
benches, some sat on the hays. And the bridemaids dresses,
groomsmen dresses, bride's and groom's dress were all
hand-made by the bride's mom. All the decoration of the
dinner site, the food were all home made, and even the
delicious wedding cake. And in the evening we all
participated the group dances(not ball dances). My
daughter said that the whole wedding is very similar
to the one in "Pride and Prejudice". And we all had
very good time, and it was indeed a very unique one.

And yesterday, my running partener was engaged, and
we got the invitation as well. Will have lots of fun
and happy time.

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Posted by Eric Fang on April 24th, 2013 11:41 AM



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