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The interest rate higher

January 20th, 2015 10:28 AM by Eric Fang

Therate is higher for two reasons, first is the rate is indeed a little bit higher.
2nd, we will have to lock the rate for 60 days now as it was advised by the
lenders. So when we lock 60 days, the rate normally is 0.125% higher than
30 day lock. That's why I recommend my clisnts to float the loan first, process
it for a few days, and then process to lock the rate. But we will have the risk as well
when the interest rate goes higher.

When the rate is higher, some lenders still offer good rates with 60 day lock, especially for some jumbo or high balance loan programs.

I am not that crazy in running this year. But I still finished 51 miles last week, with
18 miles on Saturday, and 10 miles on Sunday. I would have more intense training
plus some cross training, but the mileage wll not be over 70  miles per week.

Finished another book over the weekend: My first one hundred Marathons. Sometimes, when we read more books, we can have moredots connected. I just started reading the book: Wild, this is about the lady who completed pacefic crest trail by hiking over 1100 miles, from Mexico border to California, to Oregan and Washington. The author was born in MN, and when she mentioned one city name Duluth, I knew this name because the author Jeff from My first 100 marathons ran the marathon over there.

And another runner posted her trip to Antarctica on the web(not running, just a tour). And her expereince was very similar to Jeff as well, since he ran Antarctica Marathon as well.

I think I can complete 20 books easily this year. My list is here:

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Posted by Eric Fang on January 20th, 2015 10:28 AM



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