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2013 Investment Part 2 -- Readings

January 26th, 2014 7:57 AM by Eric Fang

Every year, I think when I made the new year resolution,
I actually had some "focus". And in 2013, I mainly focused
on running.

I talked with my friends about their stock investment returns.
They all have 30%, 40% returns, I had only 20%+. the main reason
was that I am very conservative, I got some dividend stocks,
and the builder stocks did not do well last year as well.

I made a list of the books to read for 2013. I did complete
some, but it was not much fewer than I expected. The reasons,
1)I ready a lot of running books. I think there are about
6-8 books. And I read them a few times, and made my marathon
training plan based on the plans in the books. It turned out
pretty well. 2)I read books slowly in 2013. I planned to improve
my English as well, so I used the online dictionary, and
google translation when I read. Normally I can finish a few
chapters easily, because of the dictionary thing, I read
very slow, the only good thing is that I can understand
some words I never understood before. But were them useful?
I don't know. Since we don't use them in the daily life,
and it will not help spoken english at all.

So in 2014, I still need to find out a way to improve my
English, but I need to figure out whether I need to check
every words I don't know? I may not read much of the financial
books, since I plan to purchase just SP500 index, that will
make my life easy. And I will read some autobiography, or the
books about someone's life. I already got the book lean in,
and decided to get some readings about how to slow the "aging"
etc. We will see how to make the life meaningful, other than
just running. But the way, I already finished 160 mmiles
from Jan 1st to Jan 25th. Is not it too much? I felt like
that was easy for me now. way to go.

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Posted by Eric Fang on January 26th, 2014 7:57 AM



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