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March 17th, 2015 11:09 PM by Eric Fang

There are not much changes these days. The rate stay the same almost everyday. The lender is very slow for the funding of the loan, though we can close them on time.

There are more and more interested inquiries for the ARM refinance. Especially those who have very good ARM 5/1 ARM HB rate of around 2.5% to 2.75%. We can still refinance to 2.75%. Since the time ran out soon, this rate is not bad as well.

Locked one jumbo loan with 1.2mm for the 30 yr fixed 3.75% with no closing cost. Not bad deal either. Compared to the current best high balance rate of 3.75%, this rate is indeed very good.

Have a few clients waiting for 3.625% for 30 yr fixed. 2.875% for 15 yr fixed. We might be able to get it if the rate is getting a little bit better.

My personal training for the marathon is still on the track. Though I wished I were not that busy, but still I need to get those loans done. Compared to last year, I can close 40% of the last years' volume at the end of the first quarter. Not a bad year(So I can afford running more marathons, right).

Will change a little bit of my training schedule. Starting March 30th, I will go swimming and biking on Monday & Wednesday. Friday running will be changed to run up/down the hills. And Will have a Tuesday core workout in the afternoon. I will not forget or change it if I put it on a plan.

Last week was the first week this year with weekly mileage back to 60 miles. The volume will keep up until April 12th. Then Taper for the Marathon in May.

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Posted by Eric Fang on March 17th, 2015 11:09 PM



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