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Upcoming loan program changes

September 9th, 2018 2:43 AM by Eric Fang

I have been in Paris for a vacation for about 2 weeks now, and will be back to the bay area next week.

There is going to be a few changes starting September 17, 2018.

1)I will not post the interest rate any more. I could not do that because of the lender changes. But you can still post the lender questions on my website. And basically the rate would be case by case, and if you email me, I can still get you the rates(or through the web site).

2)The DTI will be up to 55%. So it is higher than most of other lenders. And this will help you if you plan to purchase a primary home first, then sell the current residence later on.

3)Foreign income(not even in US dollars) can be used for the loan applications. So if you have income in China, HK, Taiwan, India or Canada, or any other countries, we can use the income to qualify the loan, but you must be a us citizen or green card holder.

4)We will have very competitive 7/1ARM rates. And other jumbo rates are very good as well. And we can get promotions(or exceptions) once in w while.

5)Rental high balance rates are only a little bit higher than Primary homes.

6)Duplex Rental rates are the same as rental single family homes.

7)It is ok to get ARM rental rates for the no closing cost refinance or purchases, especially when the loan amount is around 400k or 453k or higher.

And any other good rates/programs are available as well. I will post more after my training with the new lender.

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Posted by Eric Fang on September 9th, 2018 2:43 AM



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