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July 11th, 2013 11:56 AM by Eric Fang

We are in the service business, either for mortgage
or insurance.

I talked to some clients why I want to try the insurance
business. When business is slowing down, some agents
will not survive, some will pick up some realtor business.
Since I don't like driving too much, insurance is better
for me. And also I indeed want to help my clients to make
sure "properly" insured.

I made recommendation to two of my clients. I advised one
to increase the liability insurance to 250k/500k at least
for his auto. And I am glad that he took my advice. This
is to protect his assets in case anything happens. And
I recommend another one to consider umbrella since he
has a few properties; and consider term life because of
small kids.

Recently I had some contacts with a few realtors. And I can
tell who is doing good or not, even from first a few emails.
For the first realtor, there is no offers for the listing
for the past 80 days, and I presnted a tentative offer, very
close to the offer price(10k below after deducting my
broker commission). But the agent added his fees of $5k
to "write" the offer for me. So he still did not get any
offers yet, even after reducing $20k again(I reduced my
offer again after other similar properties sold lower).

And I emailed another broker for another property. His
email replies is very short. Is the property available?
Yes. can I take a look at it? You can talk to the tenants.
Some other agents will offer some other similar properties
he/she listed; and will provide the tenant contacts number;
or do a little bit more to schedule the appointment for you.

And indeed we found some good ones. They listed the property
at reasonable price, they will increase/reduce price according
to the market, so I can tell that they sell fast. I emailed one
interested properties last night, and one agent replied back 6:30am.
And told me that one was not available now, but she has a few
will be available within two months. And she even told me
the addresses of the other properties, so I have some better
idea about the market. And those "insider" info is very helpful.

And I have a feeling that I might get the property from the
last agent soon.

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Posted by Eric Fang on July 11th, 2013 11:56 AM



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