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Correlation & Adaption
June 13th, 2014 11:06 AM

Talked to one prospects yesterday, and she wanted to buy
1.2 Million house with 5% down. And according to her,
she has an annual income of $300k. I told her that
normally lender would no do 5% down for a jumbo
loan. But for her financial status, something is not right.
For a 300k annual income, it will be easy to have more
money payment, not just 60k. She might need to learn
how to manage her finance first.

For my running, my coach will do a correlation analysis.
Based on my 10k and half marathon pace(speed per mile),
she will request me to complete with certain pace for
different workouts. Like speed workout with pace 6:47
to 7:05; Tempo 7:15 o 7:24. Long run 8:20. But my problem
was that I half marathon speed and 10k speed are very close.
According to the coach, there should be a correlation.
And like my case, my training was not right. Yes, then
I will have to work harder to correct it.

A lot of people said that Marathon training is hard.
Yes, it is. But for us runners, we just try to have the
training to let our body get used to the different
distance with different speed. One of the main goal
for the training is to get the body used to the training.
To have teh adaption to the tempo runs, long runs, etc.
So when we have the race, it will be just another "workout".

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