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Important mmessage about Transfer Tax Updates
December 26th, 2018 10:53 PM
Effective Jan 1, 2019:
1)City of Berkeley:

Full Value of $1,500,000 or less          1.50%

Full Value $1,500,001 and above          2.50%

2)City of Oakland:
Full Value of $300,000 or less            1%
Full Value of $300,001 to 2M             1.5%
Full Value of $2m+$1 to 5M                1.75%
Over 5M                                               2.5%

3)City of El Cerrito:                 1.2% for all values.

4)City of Richmond:
Full Value of less than 1M                  0.7%
Full Value of $1m to $3m                   1.25%
Full Value of $3m+$1 to 10M             2.5%

5)City of Hayward:
Full Value of less than 1M                  0.85%

So your closing cost for the purchase might change a little bit for those cities.

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