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Pareto's 80-20 Law

September 9th, 2012 10:35 PM by Eric Fang

I indeed used 80-20 law a lot. And
I closed 80% of the loans with 20%
efforte. And I hope(or wish) if I
don't need speed the 80% of time to
work on the other 20% of the loans.

But it will not apply to all the
industries(or fields). I was thinking
about the adding milage this weekend.
So I finished 24 miles(5 Friday, 10 Saturday;
9 Sunday). Though tot impressive for a pro
and indeed good for me. But I still
can not use 20% of my time, efforts
to get 80% of the best results.
Pretty hard.

Sometimes I was so shamed about myself that I
did not talk about the mortgage
industry as that much before. But indeed
a lot of pepole told me that they still
love reading my blogs.

I talked to one client on the phone
Saturday, and we agreed the biggest/best
investment is the health. If you have
a very good health, it will help you
accumulate the wealth and enjoy more
of the life.

One read told me that he tried to join
a swimming team and dropped simply because
that he was always the slowest(and last one)
on the team. I shared with him that
I am still slowest in my running club;
and I am doing good in my training team;
and I can see the imrovement all the time
through those race competitions.

And all the others promosied to read books,
and do more exercise. I hope everyone
doing well and enjoy what we have.

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Posted by Eric Fang on September 9th, 2012 10:35 PM



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