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Follow the trend and listen to your heart(body)

January 11th, 2013 2:37 PM by Eric Fang

I complete the weekly Thursday night run with club
runners. And I happened to run with some fast runners
for a couple of minutes. But I still had to slow down.
I need to listen to my body and don't want myself got hurt.

It reminded me an email I got from one of the prospects
who want to get 3.25% for high balance 30 yr fixed rate
for no closing cost at all. I told him that I did not
close any loans with this rate, though I indeed
locked one loan with this rate, we could not complete
because the borrower did not file the tax return.

There are a little bit changes this year. Why the
stock market is good, simply because everyone
expect the economy is getting better. That's why
right after the new year, some bond traders sold
some of the positions which caused the long term
rate higher. It's very hard to get any 30 yr fixed
rate lower than 3.25%(417k) loan; And high balance
conforming loan rate lower tahn 3.5%.

Most of my clients got the rate we discussed. We followed
the tread. If you follow the trend in running, or swimming,
you will find it will be much easier.

One big accomplishment for me for the January,I almost
completed the Book: Snowball Warren Buffett.
I did learn a lot about him, the investment strategy
and the way how to do the business.

There is one chapter talking about how he maintained
the relationship with his friends while he is still
very busy. He will keep the conversation short.
But he is different, st least he has a gatekeeper.
Since I ma trying to return more phone calls, I
will see how I can try the best

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Posted by Eric Fang on January 11th, 2013 2:37 PM



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