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Locked a few loans today before the rate hike

February 26th, 2015 10:35 PM by Eric Fang

I locked a few 4% for 30 yr fixed rental refi today before the rate hikes in the afternoon. And I managed to lock another 5/1 ARM jumbo cash-out for 5/1 ARM with 2.75% rate. Pretty good, is not it?

Did not run much this week because of the back pain. It was a twist from the lower back and starting Wednesday, so I did not start the 12 mile run. And cancelled the workout with trainer as well. So I had to schedule the appointment with the doctor. And he was so good that he fixed the problem within 30 minutes(Still felt a little bit pain) and will have a followup next week.

We did talk about FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules For Open Internet(Just google it). And he does not like the government controls the internet, etc. I do not know how he got the news since he was busy seeing all the patients. And I shared with him the "pain" that I could not check gmail in China.

I went to this doctor just because my massage therapist went back to Japan. And I thought how could he fix my back problem with massage? I know he could fix it as well. And it was so interesting that different techniques can fix the same problem.

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Posted by Eric Fang on February 26th, 2015 10:35 PM



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