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Have a peaceful mind

February 3rd, 2014 2:23 PM by Eric Fang

I went to an eye doctor appointment this morning.
I know the waiting was "just" a little bit long,
and I was surprised that I could fall asleep
while waiting for the doctor.

I have different goals at different time. From
2010 to 2012, I tried to originate as many loans
as possible. And last year, I tried to finish
a marathon with reasonable speed. And did accomplish
all of them in the past years. And this year, I
would like to "tune" my body for the best level.

Read a few books about how to stay calm, even
when the stock markets tumbling. It is not easy,
and i will see how I can do.

I tried to improve my English for a long time,
and found that I spent a lot of time to check
the (online) dictionary. My social network is smaller
because of my self-employment, and most of my friends
are runners and other long term friends. And I could
not talk too much when I ran fast or maybe hard to express
that clearly with broken English and fast speed of running.

I used to read a book from the Nobel prize winner
Daniel Kahneman: Thiking, Fast and Slow. And this
weekend, I got a chinese translated version. It is
so much easier to read. Maybe I can try to read the
English version after I finish the Chinese one?

I planned to read many books, it is the best way
to know other people, other part of the world.
But checking the dictionay is not the right way,
maybe I can just "guess" most of the words? Even for
Chinese, we do not check the dictionary when we
don't know(or pretend we know).

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Posted by Eric Fang on February 3rd, 2014 2:23 PM



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