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My Investment for the Year 2012 -- Part 2 -- Business

December 29th, 2012 7:02 AM by Eric Fang

My second biggest investment for the year
of 2012 is my business. As I said before,
I focus on my business more than stocks/bonds,
Real Estate investment.

For this year, my business revenue increased
by 57%(compared to the year 2011). And it
was 33 better than the best year of year 2010.

Thanks for QE I,II,III,IV, we had low rates
most of the year of 2012. My assistants helped
me process the loans smoothly and also my strategy
was right to take some risk to collect lots of loans
when the rate was high and my prediction of the
rates were right most of the time of the year.

Looking forward to 2013, I will add one more employee
so that I can focus more on loan origination
and customer service. I will try my best to pick
up more phone calls in the coming year. I will try
my best to help most my clients to get 3.125%
for 30 yr fixed rate(<=417k) this year.

I expect my overal business will be 75% of the
year 2012. The interest rate will be lower the 1st half of
2013. I still recommend to switch ARM programs to
15/30 yr fixed if you can afford those rates.

Once the inflation is over 2.5% and/or unemployment
rate is less than 6.5%, the interest rate will be
at least 0.5% higher than the current level.

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Posted by Eric Fang on December 29th, 2012 7:02 AM



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