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Enjoy little moment of happiness

February 12th, 2016 11:40 PM by Eric Fang

We had a very extraordinary Friday evening today. Instead of staying home watching TV, or reading books at home, we decided to go to a local cafe in downtown and spent the whole night of reading books over there. My daughter worked on her SAT subjects, and my wife and I read books. We really liked the night with all those young college kids sitting around you, and it made you feel younger as well.

Normally I had a new year resolution for the past a few years, and I had a list of the books I need to finish, and a bunch of goals I need to accomplish. And because I can only accomplish running related goals, so I did not list the goals for this year.

But I still like readings. This year I already finished half of the book "How to Talk to Anyone, 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships". Though I am a very successful business person, I am actually not a good talker, and sometimes feel awkward in a big cloud, and when I went to the parties, I was so "unnoticed". But this books indeed helped me for some techniques. Like, how to start a conversation, how to ask "what do you do" in a different way, and how to prepare for a party, etc. I highly recommend those who is not good at social to read this book. At least I think I enjoy reading this book.

Every time when other runners asked me what I do, I normally said that I am a mortgage broker, and the conversation ended after that, or a brief conversation about the current rate trend or local RE market. According to the book, I should say something that "I am a mortgage broker, and I help other people get the loans when they purchase the house, and I specialize in xxx loans, and always try to get the best rates for my clients etc". It talked about one salespersons who prepared different resumes to apply for an ice cream shop to expand the market, and another job of fast food chain for with international skills. And another hairdresser to introduce her "different specialties" when she talked to the busy business woman, or college kids, or the grey hair generation.

I still miss the time with Borders, the bookstore went bankrupcy a few years ago. I used to go there every friday evening with my daughter when it was in the business. I brought us wonderful Friday night memories. But the little coffee shop experience reminded us those old days, and we decided to spend most Friday evenings there as well. I know some of my clients got my emails tonight, I finished there in the little shop. Maybe not small, I think the capacity is for about 40 to 50 people. Most of them are college kids, and some friends gathered there to share their whole week stories. 
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Posted by Eric Fang on February 12th, 2016 11:40 PM



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