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A Productive week

May 30th, 2020 11:43 AM by Eric Fang

This year is so different. First, the CoronaVirus changed everybody's life. People can not tarvel, and we can only work from home, kids can not go to school, and stocks crashed and the recovered the most of it. And the interest rate is lower again, got very busy most of the time. But still we have to balance our life.

The past week was the last week of May, so I know I would be busy since the lenders would (have to) fund lots of loans the end of the month. It was ok, i only funded 9 loans. But it got me very nervous. So I ran a half marathon last Monday(Holiday), and did not run anything at all from Tuesday to Thursday, just wait for the emails from the funder, the escrow officer and the borrower to confirm the employment was ok. And I got relaxed Friday, so ran another half marathon yesterday. And finished another half this morning. The finish time for the three halves were: 2:07:45(Slow ), 1:55:44 (Friday), 1:53:55(Saturday). Plan to run another one tomorrow. Hopefully it will be under 1:50. Not the fastest(my fastest was around 1:33), but it is ok since I was so busy, and ran 4 halves in a week.

Glad to finish another book during the week. I know I was so busy and tired, but the reading calms me down, and I can sleep very well after the readings. Finished the book: The Infamous Emperors - The Story of the Roman People vol. VII. And Will start the new book this week: Crisis and Conquest - The Story of the Roman People vol. VIII. Still on the track to finish the 15 books by the end of July.

Wow. Locked more than 10 loans last week. Have to work more loans this weekend and will get them locked in around 2 weeks. But I still prefer more to reading than the books. I know you think I am just kidding. But that's my true feeling.

Yesterday I talked to one of my friends about my investment, and I told her I am investing like a machine now. Next Monday will be the day to purchase a stock a fund. I remembered that purchased WORK May 1st. Should I add more positions or just QQQ? That's a good question. I will let the market decide Monday.

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Posted by Eric Fang on May 30th, 2020 11:43 AM



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