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Procrasination Problem

July 18th, 2012 10:30 AM by Eric Fang

Sometimes, we, as human beings, have the Procrasination
problem. And it may affect us to be more successful.

Recently, I got traffic tickets, and mainly because
I drove a little bit fast, and because the kid's school
was late, and the main reason we left home late.
And it could be avided if we left home earlier. And the tickets
(yes with "s" still not paid, another problem of

Once in a while, I have some clients were very "busy".
A typical one was he gave me the docs 21 days after
I locked the rate, and I still managed to get the loan
done since I locked for 45 days for him. But I dropped
him after my list afterwards since he does fit my client

I talked to some clients as well. Yes, "we are so busy,
and I don't have time to prepare the loan docs. Please
get me more time". Here is my answer, "Did you miss
any of your kids' piano lessons, tennis lessons since
you are so busy?". No since we think the kids' lessons
are important, and we paid, and we want to give kids
a good example.

And preparing the loan docs will take only less than 15 minutes
if you take time to work on it.

Recently I got a letter from IRS of Colorado State, they
asked me to pay taxes which I should not since I
did not make any penny there(though someone reported
by mistake). They have a deadline on the letter for the
response. Do I have to response within the deadline?
Yes, I should, even though I am very busy.

A lot of my clients witnessed how I emerge as a top
loan producer. My time management skills helped a lot.
When I worked in the previous jobs, I thought those
company sponsored classes were useless, now I know
they are good.

Will habe more blogs in the next a few days, though I
am busy. I think I can manage those 15 minutes to get it

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Posted by Eric Fang on July 18th, 2012 10:30 AM



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