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My SF Marathon Experience

August 7th, 2019 5:07 PM by Eric Fang

I do not know why I did not talk too much about my marathon on 07/28/2019. Actually it was one of my best marathons.

The weather was a little bit higher than normal, so we felt hot and humid for the last a few miles. 

For the first a few miles, I felt my calf a little bit stiff, so I took it easy, and ran slowly. My breath was not good, so I ran based my heart rate monitor, not by the pace. I know I should keep the HRM reading under 150.

After a few miles(6-7 miles), my legs were better, and I can overpass some runners, since it was on the golden gate bridge, so I had to follow other runners, and HRM reading was still pretty good.

This was a hilly course, a little uphill and downhill. Normally we should feel happy when we have downhill, but since it was too steep, we still can not run too fast. But It was ok, by the HRM reading.

I was very busy for the loan business in June and July(I closed over 10m in July), so I had barely training in June, and most of my "real" training was in July. I ran a few tempos and a few intervals. Though I know It's hard for me to keep the pace around 7:26 level, but 7:36 level should be alright.(I plan to run 7:26 in Berlin).

Since I ran slowly at the beginning, I did not feel much tired for the last a few miles, It was only around 20-30 seconds slower. And my finish time is 3:36:52. Very good one for the San Francisco Marathon.

And I also registered for 2020 SF marathon again. I might use the same strategy for Berlin Marathon. 
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Posted by Eric Fang on August 7th, 2019 5:07 PM



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