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Patterns Persist

April 19th, 2014 5:26 PM by Eric Fang

I read the book people tools recently. I know I need
a lot of improvement on people skills, so I at least
I should read more books.

I know there are some people will always coming to the
party late, just a little bit late. The author of the book
told a story of a person who could not held any positions
more than 18 months when he tried to hire an assistant.
And not to his surprise, this person left the company
a few months, and since she had some other "good"

We always heard the stories about someone who went the
first start-up, then the company IPOed; 2nd one, 3rd one
IPOed as well. This person should have good sense of
which company have a good future, to be acquired or IPOed.
Sometimes, I think if he can manage some VC funds, he
could do well too.

I used to have one borrower show did not want to sign the
loan docs even when the loan was ready to closing since he
"found" some other good rates. And I let him go to another
broker. And then 6 months later, he came back to me and
asked me to do another loan for him. And I discussed his
"habits" with him, and he promissed to stay and will
complete the loan. And after the rate locked, and loan
approved, he got some "good" rates. Yes, everyone can get
some better rates when the rate went down. And the
interesting part is that he came back the third time.
But this time, I told him, sorry, I could not do your
loan any more.

And here is the last words from the author: Petterns Persist.
Persistent patterns persist persistently.

Have a good weekend.

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Posted by Eric Fang on April 19th, 2014 5:26 PM



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