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Rate is on the reverse trend

July 7th, 2015 10:42 AM by Eric Fang

Like I said before. It might be hard to see the 2015 year low for both ARM and fixed. But I still think it's good time to refinance at a reasonable good low rate.

Greece might be an issue temporarily. But I do not think it will affect us economy or financial market too much. But the volatile is still there and we will the rate up and down, which is not bad for us, especially for those who wants to refinance.

I floated a few loans for the past a few months. Other than person still in China on vacation, I was able to lock and closing the rest of the loans.

And sometimes it is hard to argue whether we are good agents or not when the client complaints. Let me share with you one brief story. I had one client was not happy about the loan progress because of the tax scripts from IRS delay(we process the loan after April 15th). And we closed the loan last month. And at the mean time, they started another refinance the end of May. And sure enough it will be faster(because it is easier to get IRS scripts in May). But to my surprise that the other agent did not ask the first loan closing documents. The change of the first loan will affect borrower's qualification. But for some reason, they "hide" the fact that they were doing the refinance with me. And they did not ask anything about the first loan refinance with me.

And the borrower was not happy at all since I asked again for the 2nd refi. But this is the correct way. The lenders need to know the clear picture of their debts, even the two transactions are ongoing at the same time. 

And for my Marathon, I almost finished my training for San Francisco. At least I finished all the long runs. Will taper down for the next 2+ weeks for the race.
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Posted by Eric Fang on July 7th, 2015 10:42 AM



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