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April 23rd, 2014 3:31 PM by Eric Fang

I actually like to use professional services, from
CPA, Attorney, even handyman, etc. Most of them are
good, and they will earn their share of money.

I even used two mortgage coaches before. One taught
me to setup my website and asked me to write the mortgage
blogs(So I did for a few years now), and another one told
me how to find the "niche" market. According to him,
he recommended to work on reverse mortgages, which
I do not think is a good market to me, since most
of my old customers do not need reverse mortgages.

Monday was a Boston Marathon Day, I spent most of the
morning to track the friends' finishing time. Not
surprisingly that one lady from the same running club
finished around 2:53. His finishing time was 8th
for her age group. And I know used a remote coach.
I did not check with her which coach she used,
But I indeed noticed her improvement for the past 12
months. And she indeed works very hard.

So I found a coach yesterday as well, we just had the
plan for San Francisco half marathon first, then
Sep 10k, then Dec Marathon. Will let you know guys
how it goes.

Not everyone has good memories. I am working on a loan
for my client in Sacramento. To her surprise, we found
that her CPA did not file the 2011 tax amendment for her.
And his excues were that he asked her to file the amendment
herself. She would do it if she got the two copies(one
for her to keep, one to IRS). We are glad that the lender
still approved the loan and we will signoff this week.
But this CPA ruined his reputation.

And from that experience, not all professionals are good.

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Posted by Eric Fang on April 23rd, 2014 3:31 PM



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