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The New Normal

August 3rd, 2015 12:06 PM by Eric Fang

I finished the San Francisco Marathon last weekend. And on 29th, I wrote a race report on my wechat moments saying that running marathon is the new normal of my life. And even running on the hilly courses like San Francisco and Vancouver is new normal now. I am not afraid of the hilly runs any more. And I have registered for next year's SF Marathon as well.

If you kept reading my blogs, even the Fed will try to hike the interest rate in Dec or as early as September, I am still a believer that the low rates will be a new normal for the next a few years. And a few central governments are trying to work hard to avoid "deflation". And even in the USA, when the Fed is talking about the rate hikes, the inflation rate is still below 2%. And Fed's target is 2.5% or above.

And today, the oil price is lower, the stock market is lower, and guess what? The interest rate is lower as well.      

For those of us who have the running experience, we all know that running is not hard. Even for my wife who can not finish 800m at high school, finished her first half marathon in San Francisco. If you just kept on trying, one step at a time, you can reach your goal.

And starting this month, I will try to do something for "15" minutes. Like doing pranks for 15 minutes, read a few chapters of a book for 15 minutes, talk to friend for 15 minutes. After sometime, you will find that you will benefit a lot from those 15 minutes' effort. I want to see how those will change my life. And at least I listed 11 tasks I need to complete this morning, and I get most of them done.                
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Posted by Eric Fang on August 3rd, 2015 12:06 PM



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