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Plan execution

February 15th, 2014 11:49 AM by Eric Fang

We talked about plan execution yeterday.
And I shuld run slow Wednesday, but I did
not, that's why It slowed me for Thursday

And today, I should go to the form drills
which help build up the core and balance
of my body. But I did not go. The two reasons,
first all my frinds went to the 10 miles run
instead. And second reason is that the effects
of the form drills will not be "easily seen".

It is the same for the stock trading.
People wants to see the stock account
up 5% or 10% up days,and they will feel
happy about it. People like easy money.
I would want to see that I picked up a
stock yesterday, and It will go up 50%
today, and I can also claim I am "genius".

I thought about the investment strategy
yesterday. When the stock prices go up,
if we think it's worth it to invest,
we would buy more shares, even when the
price is higher. Then why we don't
buy when the house price is going up?
As long as we can see 5% to 8% appreciation.
And in the long run, it is still a good investment?

Passed another license training for Texas.
So I will apply the license next week.
The next state on the plate is PA. And then
FL. Not sure about other states yet.

Will get you updated. By the way, I did
have a good run today, 10 mile with pace
7:46, only 8 seconds slower than the half
marathon race last weekend. And I did
not take any water, energy gel, etc.
So I could run faster.

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Posted by Eric Fang on February 15th, 2014 11:49 AM



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