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August 3rd Weekend Review

August 3rd, 2013 10:50 PM by Eric Fang

I don't know why I did not post anything for the
last a few days. I should write more blogs.

A lot of thing past during the last weeks/months:
1)I ran of total 152 miles in the month of July.
And I finished two long runs, one with 20miles, one
with 22 miles.

2)I started 19 week of Marathon Training this morning.
I will run first Marathon Dec 8th at sacramento.
My running blog is here:
You can read it if you are not bored. I will
use it for next year's training, and comparison.

3)After the most slowest month of July, my mortgage
business started picking up. Hopefully I can complete
double digits number of loans in August/Septemeber.

4)I will stop practicing insurance. But I will still
help my client to review the policies, make suggestions,
and refer to good agents(if clients ask me too). So
it should add value to my clients. I am glad that
I learn something new during the last 3 months.

5)Home purchase activities still ok, though volume
droped from the last a few months' high.

6)I finished latest Newsletter. See the link

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Posted by Eric Fang on August 3rd, 2013 10:50 PM



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