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A day I can not forget -- Anniversary as a fulltime mortgage broker

January 18th, 2011 7:49 AM by Eric Fang

Three years ago, on Jan 18, 2008, I decided to quit my
job to be a full-time mortgage broker. Before that,
I was still one of the top loan originators, I was
amazed by myself how I could handle all those loan
volumes and the primary job(I had 5 years experience
before that)

Thanks for all the support from my clients, My business
doubled in 2008; Got another 50% growth rate in 2009(
over 2008); and another 1xx% growth in 2010.

Sometimes I was proud of my version(maybe not that
difficult for others as well). When I quit the job
in 2008, a lot of people was surprised because at
that time, there were so many layoffs on the main
street as well as the wall street. And I knew the
recession was coming, and Fed should lower the rate
which would help my business. And I am glad that I
was right.

And three years later, I know Fed policy will work
again. And the lowest interest rate will be behind
us. For some loan programs, we can still get the
lowest rate with lender's help(they do give
me good rates than the market so we can close
more business together). And this year's business
will be shifted to purchase loans.

And I am amazed by my clients' buying power. It
kept me busy so far this year as well.


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Posted by Eric Fang on January 18th, 2011 7:49 AM



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