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The difference between professionals and Amateurs

July 20th, 2017 1:52 PM by Eric Fang

There are a few google searches about this topic, like

But I do not find any good ones. I think those are mainly about how to become a "professional".

Last week, I read about an article, some amateur golfers can be as good as pros. But the main difference is the consistency. The amateur player can have a few good shots, but they will also have a few bad ones afterwards. The second difference is to control the game. For the professionals, if they hit a few bad shots, then can control their feelings and still play some good ones.

What I like most from the article is the consistency of the performance. I remembered once in a while, some of my clients' only goal is the rate. Some times we can get good rates, sometimes we can not. The market changes all the time. And we can not re-lock the rate once we locked. And what my clients like my service the best if the smooth process during the whole transaction.

I took 4 weeks vacation from June  11th to July 9th. And I closed 7 loans during that period of the time. Most of my clients did not know I was in China. And two of them sent me "thank you letters" for the smooth closing of the loans. One of the transactions was the purchase, and the escrow closing day was 21 days. Thanks for their trust and we did have some conversation on the phones and wechat. But we indeed closed very smoothly.

And for my own experience, I used CPA for my tax returns since 1997. And I did switch between a few of them, but once I got a good one, and I have been working with my CPA for over 15 years now. I do not have to worry about anything, and he knows so much about the tax codes, and I let him take care of my bookkeeping as well. And I know it is expensive, but I think he deserves the pay.

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Posted by Eric Fang on July 20th, 2017 1:52 PM



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