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90% LTV Jumbo loans without PMI
December 1st, 2016 7:56 PM
When the interest rate goes up, the lenders will find out some niche products.
Today, a few lenders have the new loan programs for Jumbo Purchase.
One is for 90% LTV without PMI, the rate is pretty good for loan amount less than 1million.
If the loan amount is over 1 million, then we have another lender who has good rates for 30 yr fixed.

But if you are willing to pay closing cost, we have one more lender with 80/10/10 loan programs.

There are so many loan programs out on the same day, we are trying to figure the best rate for different scenarios. Please let me know if you have those kind of inquiries.

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Posted by Eric Fang on December 1st, 2016 7:56 PMPost a Comment

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