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Opportunity Cost

March 12th, 2014 2:25 PM by Eric Fang

Everytime, I promised to write more blogs, and
I was supposed to have more time now. But only
my running blogs were constantly updated. I guess
it's easier to write running blogs, since
most of the blog are just pace/splits reports.
See running blog:

Was a little bit busy this year for two reasons.
One is the "No on SCA5" thing, most of us contributed
more time on it, and I even went to one of the townhall
meetings. I learnt a lot from the meeting. Another reason
is that I had 3 family/friends visits from China.
And I had to show them around, picked up/dropped off
at the airport, etc. But My running was not affected
too much. Though I did not run anything this week,
it was supposed to be a tapering week since I
will have a half marathon race this weekend.

A few weeks ago, the seller of my house(I bought
it from him 3 years ago) picked up a package for
him from my house(sent my mistake). We joked about
his losing money because of the timing that he sold
the house too earlier. And he coud make 'xxx' more
money if he could hold t today. But he argued that
he invested the proceeding from the sale, and the
return was even better. So it is not necessary
a bad decision for him if he could use the money

It is the same for some stock traders "switch" stocks.
they would think that they could sell one stock at
good timing, and would have better return using the
money to buy another stock. But Warren Buffett admitted
that he could not "time" the market in his 2013 share holder

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Posted by Eric Fang on March 12th, 2014 2:25 PM



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