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July 12th, 2019 11:43 AM by Eric Fang

Sorry for not being able to write more blogs now. Not sure why. Maybe because I was busy, or maybe just simple lazy. This is a problem with a rider and the elephant. The rider wants to go that direction, but the elephant did not want to go.

Anyway, I had tons of "excuses". I travelled a lot during the last 30 days, anyway, I added 3000 miles on my car. Just family visits, or drove to meet the friends, or drove the relatives to the tourist areas. Or simple to LA to visit my daughter. And because I worked too hard(I already closed 7M loans in July), my back hurts. I think it was a combination of working too many hours and driving too many miles. So I went for a few massage trips, and finally I t is getting much better.

Started training for Berlin Marathon. I felt great(at the training), at the mean time, I felt like getting older, it is so hard for me to push for 7 minute pace, though I know I do not have to. Maybe I simply needs more rest.

Finished reading the book Switch. And left the book with my daughter last weekend when I visited her. And she finished her book "Becoming", that's how I started reading this week. Though busy, exercising would be the first priority, and the reading the 2nd.

There is a new definition of law of diminishing marginal utility. People should not focus on something with diminishing marginal utility, something like Money. Extra money will not make you feeling extra happiness. For those days when I felt the back hurted, I realized the importance of healthy body. Yes, health is more important than anything else.
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Posted by Eric Fang on July 12th, 2019 11:43 AM



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