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Special ARM program

March 17th, 2017 12:50 AM by Eric Fang

There is one program the lenders are promoting now, for the loan amount over 350k and less than 636k, the first year rate can be fixed for 2.75%; 2nd year 3.75%; and 3rd year and after is 4.75%. It is good for those who plan to stay there for about 3 years. Or if they can take the chance to refinance before the 3rd year. 

It is my busiest week for my running. Maybe that's the excuse for not posting a blog? I will run 71 miles this week. Already finished Monday 12 miles w/6 miles at 7:37; Tuesday 4X1Mile on the overpass, with pace around 7:25; Wednesday, failed tempo total 12 miles w/10 miles at average of 8:00; Thursday total 14 miles w/ 7 miles at 7:45. Not bad. Will take a rest Friday. Then 20 Miles Saturday. 10 Miles Sunday.

A few good news for my daughter's college application. I think it is good since she is only an average student. But he did pretty well on her application. So far, we got all UC campus admitted, with UCI, USCB, UCSC and UCD for the regents scholarship. UCD has the most, with $7500 per year. And she was accepted today by Pratt Art school with $26k scholarship each year. She did not apply for Arts for UC schools, except UCLA, which will be available Friday night. So far they are all exceed our expectations. And I already shared with one clients about what we did, and what kind of mistakes we had during the application. But I also think we were very lucky during the whole process. Just have the fingers crossed, and wait for the best.
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Posted by Eric Fang on March 17th, 2017 12:50 AM



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