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Never too late for the learning

February 22nd, 2016 9:59 AM by Eric Fang

My daughter said that I have a very good habit, that is I keep on learning.

Last weekend, I learned a good technique for the communication or conversation: never say anything like the "Naked Thank you". It is better to add something to make it more meaning. Like: Thank you for coming, Thank you very much for being so considerate, etc. So last Friday, I told my dog sitter that "Thank you so much for taking Chester out", and this morning I sent an email to my coaching: Thank you so much for your coaching advice.

My blog readers know the importance of the credit scores, and on Feb 13th Wall Street Journal, there was an article suggesting to "check the date's credit score before starting a new relationship". According to the article, the higher the credit score, the longer relationship they can keep. I know the financial status might be correlated to the credit score. But indeed a person with good credit score might be more responsible.

A client of mine asked me to check his credit score again last week, and sadly the score is only 650. And it was 652 last year. And if he chose to refi, the rate will be around 4.125% when everybody else can get around 3.625% to 3.75%. And the main reason for the credit score is late payments for the credit cards, the dispute of some bills, and he has a good paying job. And I told him why not just take good care of the credits so that he can save a lot on the mortgage payments. I bet he is paying higher interests on the credit card as well.

I think I mentioned that "I am running less and running faster" this year. I reduced my weekly mileage from 60-70 miles to 40-50 miles. And I run only 4 days a week now. And guess what? I have another PR last weekend. I completed a half marathon in Davis with the finish time of 1:33:04. It is 14 seconds faster than my record time, and within only 64 seconds to qualify New York Marathon. Way to go.
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Posted by Eric Fang on February 22nd, 2016 9:59 AM



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