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Give up one habbit and adopt another one

November 16th, 2017 1:03 PM by Eric Fang

Some clients asked me how I could manage reading so many books. I listed only English books here, I actually do read some Chinese books on wechat as well.

I used to play the bridge online for about 45 minutes every day during my lunch break. Basically it is my break time, and I can relax and enjoy. But sometimes I would feel happy when others played so poorly. Since the beginning of this year, I started reading books instead, which helped me a lot for finding more time to read.

I completed the 142 pages of :"Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds". There are some interesting facts in the book. First, how would two smart/intelligent guys work together? Amnon Rapoport was Amos Teversky's best friend at Hebrew University for quite sometime. But Amnon decided to go to University of Nothern Carolina since he did not want to "live under Amos' shadow". I just finished 142 pages of this book, and It did not start the topics how Danny and Amos worked together so well in 80s and 90s.

Also, there are a magic number of 7. I know, if you like to go to casino, you would be lucky to have 777. But in psychology, the magic 7 means that people can hold 7 items in the short term memory(it could be a little bit more or less). But if you have more items, the FIFO will work.  And there are other magic 7s, like: seven deadly sins, seven seas, the seven days of the week, seven primary colors, the seven wonders of the world, etc.

So reading will help you know something, even a little bit every day. I am so glad that I know "how to" read now.

Back to the running, finished 9 miles tempo run this morning. It rained when I stepped outside of the door, I was a little bit hesitated  about whether I needed to continue, but I am glad I did not quit and get back. It was a good run, thought a little bit slower. Hopefully I can do ok in the weekend's half marathon race. I will pace my wife if she decides to run, otherwise I will run a pace of 7:40 per mile. 
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Posted by Eric Fang on November 16th, 2017 1:03 PM



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