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Can not believe it's Feburary

February 2nd, 2014 2:08 PM by Eric Fang

Yes, time flies. 1/12 passed for 2014. And I feel like
that I did not do much for this year yet.

First, I ran 176 miles for Jan, it was the highest
monthly mileages I have even run. I know I could
do better, but I decided to slow down. I was still
under "recovery" after the December Marathon.

Did a few speed workout, and I also had a very
good training this morning for 14.5 miles.
I still kept writing blogs for my running: It might be boring for
most of other people, but I think it is good
habit for me, especially it is good for recording
my training. Another benefit is that it help me
to remember other runner's name. I am one of the
three asian runners in the club, so it is easy for
others to remember my name. But I am not good at
remember other's name. I kept calling Alison as
Wendy for two years; And I messed up Beth's name
with Nancy just because they both have the
braids. But It did help me another way.
During last Tuesday's workout, one girl ran
with me and kept talking to me since we ran
CIM together(she qualified Boston), and I found
her name later when I checked my blog back home.

One insurance agent called me last week and asked
me whether I was interested in selling some
financial products since I have the license.
I told her that I would still focus on the mortgage
side, that's my strength, and I can help my clients
get better rates.

My rates are still among one of the bests, so it did
help me get business even at this slow market. Jan
was the best month for the last 8 months(after the
rate went up), And Feb will be good as well since
I have plenty loans in the pipeline.

Currently I am working on the licensing for other states.
If I pass the test this Friday, I could do loans for
a few more states, like WA, TX, etc. We are still
working on getting more lenders.

Wish all of you have a good time, especially those
Chinese celebrating the Chinese New Year, don't
eat too much, unless you can burn the fat by running
more than 10 miles.

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Posted by Eric Fang on February 2nd, 2014 2:08 PM



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