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Proposition 30 and More

November 10th, 2012 12:31 PM by Eric Fang

Prop 30 and the election.

Prop 30 passed and we as citizens choose to
increase ourselves the taxes. It will be a lot
for us. But it's the time to contribute something
back to the society and the country. And I will work
a little bit harder to make more money for those
tax hikes.

I had a very good run yesterday and today. Finished
11 miles with pace 9. It felt pretty good after one month
come and go injury(It should not happen to me,
I thought only professional athelets will be injuried),
and I am ready for the next week's race.

We should have lots of opportunity in the next two months,
both for stocks and interest rates. I know "fiscal cliff"
thing, but sometimes, this is just a game. It's a game played
by the poloticians of both parties. The market will go up
and down because of this game. And we can take advantage
of that.

I know Obama adminstration advocates "changes". But we
should learn from the following story I just heard:
One guy lost his job and he got $1800 monthly of the
unemployment benefits. After he got paid $800 monthly
from the part-time teaching job from a collgege, he got
the unemployment check of $1000, and plus he spent more
money on the gas and the time he taught at the college.
So when the college asked him to add one classes,he declined
because that meant he would spent more time and money
and still get $1800 total monthly.

And he said that now he undertands why some people does not
want to work. Seems like the system is not quitely right.

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Posted by Eric Fang on November 10th, 2012 12:31 PM



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