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Human makes Human Mistakes

June 25th, 2015 11:30 AM by Eric Fang

After we have a puppy dog, we make lots of friends. And our dog likes to greet any one and any dogs, so he is very popular. And since he is only 4 months old, he is very cute, in the eyes of the other dog owners.

Since we are the first time dog owners, so a lot of people shared their experience. We are very lucky that we do not have much problem for the pot-training. The only thing we need to train him to how to catch a ball, how to follow human language as sit, run, etc.

And he will have his first grooming this Saturday. And we heard a lots of complaints about the grooming services in town. Someone told me that this person can groom very well, but she is mean and has attitude problem. The other one told me the day before yesterday that they cut Mika's face. And Bella's "mom" told me yesterday, Bella's face was cut too, and the groomer should tell her. She told me that she understood that the cut on the face happens, and the only problem is that "they should tell me about it".

It reminded me about the mortgage business. I have overall satisfaction rate of over 98%, but still we have some unhappy clients. In February time, the new lender asked the property tax 2nd installment collected. Since this client had the impound account with the old loan, and the old lender make the payment to county right after the escrow company made the payment(We did not know the old company would pay). And that made the client very unhappy even though I explained that there is no way to avoid this problem, and I can followup with the escrow/county for the refund. We have this kind of problems during the Tax installment due season. This is the only case that he was so upset.  And I did not explain further. Sometimes, we simply can not have a perfect system. And the lender wants to have the proof of the payment. We can have the proof from the borrower from the refi, but we can not have the proof from the old lender, especially when there is noway to confirm with anyone(when the payment is on the way. County said that they did not get it. Old lender said that they paid it. But county still did not receive it. Right?)
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Posted by Eric Fang on June 25th, 2015 11:30 AM



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