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The rate was a little bit lower

September 25th, 2013 7:17 AM by Eric Fang

It is back to "normal" rate now, though it is
still higher, much higher than May, June and July.

Just locked one 5/1 ARM Jumbo for 2.875%;
one 7/1 ARM for 3.375%. And working on one
30 yr fixed for 4.25%. Though the rate is not
for everyone, but at least I can help my clients
to get the good rates, especially the ARM rate.

One appraiser almost kill one of the purchase.
The reason is that he is to smart; and the listing
agent made a small mistake.

The property is sold "as is". So the buyer will fix
any problem if any. And it was not disclosed on the
purchase contract. The listing agent posted all
inspection report on the MLS; and the appraiser
downloaded all the reports from MLS, and attached
to the appraisal report, this is to everyone's surprise.
And now the buyer/seller have to get the section 1

Speaking of the communication skills, I am trying to
improve it, and a lot of others should improve as well.

Last week, I tried to refer a purchase deal to one
agent. My client asked to get some credit back. And
the agent said no. Just a few words. He did not know
that this will be a cash offer and the purchase price
will be 3.x million. The buyer will be from another
country, so it will not cost him too much time.
At least he should ask more info about the transaction
before reject this referral.

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Posted by Eric Fang on September 25th, 2013 7:17 AM



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