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Too many things need to catch up

July 9th, 2016 5:29 PM by Eric Fang

Yes, the interest rates were low, and I have too many loans, same things happened all the time. And I always said that good agents are always needed.

I had a very good trip to Toronto, then went one day trip to Syracuse to visit my graduate school friend over there. Had great time as well. Then my daughter was trapped in China on her trip from Nepal back to USA. She left her passport in Chengdu, then missed her flight back to SFO. It was a very very busy season, especially during the summer break. So she flew to Shanghai to hope to get a ticket since the UA agent told her that there were more flights from Shanghai to SFO, Los Angeles, or Seattle. We just wanted her back, any destination to West Coast.

Luckily we got the ticket with my high school friend's help. The flight was from Xi'an to SFO the second day. The interest story was that there were severe storms in Shangai, and the flights could not take off from Shanghai to Xi'an. And the next morning, she was stopped  by the custom officer that she over stayed in China for one day(she did not get the visa). Anyway, very tough situation, but turned out pretty good. But I could not focus on the loans, especially I did not sleep much for one evening.

A lot of clients asked why the interest rates were not much lower this time even though the bonds level is lower than April-may of 2013. 

Two main reasons, 1)Fed increased the Fed rate by 0.25%. 2)GSE(Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac) increased lending fees. All the above two made the current rate about 0.125% higher than 2013.

I do not update my website too much because I was very busy with too many loans. In 2013, I had 3 people help me. And now, I have only two with one processor in Australia. Though she is on vacation there, but she seems like working all the time.

Also, I have two marathons upcoming. San Francisco Marathon will be held on July 31st, the day after I attend my friend's daughter' wedding. Glad the wedding is at Napa, so I still come back to hotl with one hour drip. The other one will be Santa Rosa Marathon on August 28th. 

I am still cathing up for the training. I felt better with last Thursday's 8 mile tempo training. I was able to run the marathon pace for those 8 miles without much efforts. I think the SF marathon would be ok with next two weeks training. 
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Posted by Eric Fang on July 9th, 2016 5:29 PM



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