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February 6th, 2017 10:05 PM by Eric Fang

Though I updated the "dates" on my website almost everyday(at least every week), the rate actually does not change that much. It is the same for the stock market. It is up and down, but it still stays at the same level.

It was very interesting for my running last week. I planned to go to Pittsburg from Friday to Sunday, and it is supposed to be very cold on Saturday, so I thought I could not go out for the running. And I had 2 workouts for Thursday. 2X2 Miles in the early morning, and 15 miles after 10am. But it turned out that bonked for the 2nd workout, and I finished only 13 miles instead. I know it is not bad for a day, but still I could not finish the workout as planned.

The good news is that I got lots of inquiries for the purchase loans. One prospects called for the purchase in AZ, another for the purchase in WA. One asked the cash-out loan rate for his 10th property(already have 9 loans), and the other client told me that his purchase was just accepted. 

One client asked my opinion about the market. I told him that the value will not go down. Some areas are hot, like some cities in WA, Portland, Oregon, Denvor, etc. So do not expect the market will head south, even though the rate might go higher.

 But nobody asked me about stocks, I think this is too personal, and everybody else is better than me. But I still think to purchase those companies with good management and easy products, like SBUX, MA, V, etc. Not about KO now, this company is in the transition. But if you are lazy, just purchase SP 500. I do have one account purchase the ETF every 1st of the month. The performance is better than most other accounts.

One client asked me about the opinion of the future rates. I told her that the rate should stay at the current level. But she can try to refinance now, and wait to see the rates 6 months later. She is interested in 20 yr fixed high balance rate. The rate of 3.875% is not bad either for the current market.
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Posted by Eric Fang on February 6th, 2017 10:05 PM



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