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Some thoughts after Marathon Trainings

January 30th, 2017 2:23 PM by Eric Fang

The past week might be the first week for real Boston Marathon Training.  I did not have weekly mileage of over 50 miles for a long time(might be 4-5 months). And besides I biked for 25 miles as well.

First, when I rode my bike, I thought about the accident when I fell from my ElliptiGO last year. When I turned around at the same corner I fell last year, I reminded myself to slow down. If can slow down at all all turns around, I should be able to avoid all the accidents.  It would be the same for the work and investment. For each major changes, if we can slow down a little bit, we could avoid big mistakes. I remembered if I had huge loss for stocks, it might be due to the hurry decisions(with no or limited research).

For my mortgage brokerage business, it is easy for me to be top 1%. But it is very hard to be top 0.1% to 0.5%. For the last two weeks, I read one book about Sam Walton how he created and grew the Walmart, and another book about how Starbucks became the number one in the coffee business. I know I am trying to learn something about how they managed the big companies, how they treated their employees and customers, and how/why they were trying to beat the competitions. It is very similar for my running training. There is a comfort zone for everybody. For my business, it is top 1% of the loan originators. For my running, it's the finish time of 3:45 for marathon, 1:40 for the half marathon. But if I plan to PR in my next marathon race or half marathon race, I need to train hard and make sure I can run injury free.

When I ran over 50 miles last week, my legs started sour, and I need to use the massage chair, and the foam roller to roll my legs. It is a different feeling when I ran only 40 miles a week. But if I want to have a good experience for the Boston Marathon, then I will have to train hard enough.

And yes, after Saturday's 17 Miles run, Sunday's 6 mile run, I finished another 11 miles today, with 7 miles at the pace around 7:45 per mile. Since I would run Boston after 10am EST, I tried to run 11am today under the sun so my body can adapt well for warm weather in April.   
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Posted by Eric Fang on January 30th, 2017 2:23 PM



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