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Back from My vacation

March 31st, 2015 4:36 PM by Eric Fang

First the rate. The interest rate is a little bit lower these days. Normally I would suggest my borrowers what kind of interest rate expectation is reasonable, which is not. And if it is reasonable, and if it is below the market rate, then we can wait and work on it.

I signed one loan with 3.25% 15 yr fixed for 650k loan amount. Though it is very hard to get this rate, but I would help my clients to get it. This rate does require low LTV as well, though it is a 15 yr fixed program. And I still have 15 yr fixed 2.875% rate floating, and we will lock it once we have it.

I just came back from one week vacation. I did enjoy the good time at Maui. And while I sat at the beach, and ran along the shore, I thought about a lot of things, which is very helpful.

First about the investment. According to my clients' experience for the purchase, the house price is slightly going up(and at a little it faster pace), though I am not going to buy any more. I am not handy and do not want to spend too much time on it. For the stocks, once I decided only to purchase SP500 funds, I will not buy individual stocks any more. There are a few reasons, personally I invested on personal stocks, and the return is very similar to SP500. Second, for SP 500, I do not have to worry about going up or down. Third, I can hold it longer and do not have to worry about the tax issues.

While I had fun in Hawaii, it was very painful to work on the loans because of the time difference. Whenever I got up, it is already around 11am PCT, and a few hours later, the funding cutoff passed. So I had to skip my morning runs, though I indeed finished 6 miles run on two mornings.

It is almost my time for Vancouver Marathon. I did a great 18 mile run Sunday. And I just finished another 11 mile run today, with 7 miles at Marathon pace. Yes, I am ready.

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Posted by Eric Fang on March 31st, 2015 4:36 PM



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