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I am Malala

October 4th, 2017 1:29 PM by Eric Fang

I finished reading 40 pages of this book: I am Malala. I am still on the track of 20 pages per day. That's not hard at all. That means I can finish the reading in about 2 weeks.

It was fun when you read the books and over time, you can connect those "dots" .

I was preparing to run a Marathon in Idaho. So once in a while, I would do some reaserach. And I found one in that state: Mesa Falls. So by more research, I found that the population in Idaho is only about 1.68 million.  About half the population of LA, twice of SF.

And I asked my daughter what's the main stuff in Idaho? She told me it is Potato. Then I remembered that there was billionaire J.R. Simplot. He made most of his fortune from the growing of the potatos. But if you read the autobiography of Ray  Kroc. You will find an interesting story about the introduction of the French fries to McDonald's menu. And it is J.R Simplot who invested about the 5 million to test and provided the frozen French fries to McDonald's. That is how he became even richer after the handshake between him and Ray Kroc.

And the interesting thing is that later in his life, he invested one high tech company: Micron Technology. And He made tons of money as well. MU(Micron Technology) is one of the companies with headquarters not in the silicon valley, but in Biose, Idaho.
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Posted by Eric Fang on October 4th, 2017 1:29 PM



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