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Process makes the difference
May 19th, 2012 10:50 PM

I went to a small "seminar" this afternoon
about writings. According to the professor,
writing is about the re-writing(5 steps:
Prewriting, drafting, Revising, Profssreading,
publishing); it's the communication between the
author and the readers. The author precisely
conveys his idea and opinion to the readers.
And by the process(Example, Contrast&compare,
Definition) to make a clear and concise

Personally I think writing is very important
for the students, the engineers, the academic
professionals, and blog readers. And hopefully
I can write better in the future(at least
I should read the blog a few times myself).

Talked to a few of my clients last year.
One of them is my long time client(for
about 10 years), according to him, You
got very good rate from me, and sometimes
not the best(after the refi done, the rate
went down again), and what impressed him the
most was the loan origination experience,
the whole process I brought to him.
That's exactly what I tried to focus
for my business model.

I talked to another client about his purchases.
He is more interested in how my clients
maximizing the buying power to purchase the
dream primary house.

Another client thanked me for the cash-out loan
I got for him after the recent purchase.
According to him, the cash offer helped him
to get the deal; and the cash-out refi helped
him to get the cash back just 2 months after
the purchase.

And he said he will shop for another house
and will pay for cash again.

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