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Why we need god planning?

May 3rd, 2014 10:37 PM by Eric Fang

Every time when we tried to run a marathon, we will
folow a plan for 18 weeks. If we want to compete
seriously in half marathon, we will follow a 2 month
plan or 3 month plan as well, so we can have a good
performance at the race. The plan is in great detail,
like what kind speed workout on Tuesday, how many
repeats, how long we will run the intervals, and the
rest time between the intervals. For tempo runs,
how many miles should we run and at which speed, etc.
So we will have a very detail plan. And if everything goes
well, we should do well after following the plans.

For the purchase(or refinance), we will have the plans
as well. We will need prepare the down payment,
what is the location of the property, what kind of price
range we will purchase, and which loan program we will take.
We will make the plans with the loan agents so that we
can make sure the buyers can qualify.

When I was in the hiking today, I thought about my reading.
I did not do well for my reading this year. The main reason
was that I did not have a plan. I would read a few chapter
of one book, then forget it for a few weeks, and then pick
it up again, and forgot what I read/finished. So I think
I need a plan.

I will finish the book of Jim Cramer's Getting Back to Even(
I know this is outdated book, but I need to understand some
basic investment concept).Alraedy finished 76 pages.Total 334
pages. So 258 pages left. Plan to read 25 paes a day, so
I paln to finish it May 13th(10 days with one day extra
for the cushion. Will update the status of this books
once in a while, and final status May 13th.

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Posted by Eric Fang on May 3rd, 2014 10:37 PM



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