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What's your best Interest?
April 5th, 2012 10:04 PM

I am doing long distance running training now. And I run
almost 37 miles per week(10 miles Saturday) and 4.5
miles other days. And we have the news from the
running group for the results every weekend. So once
in a while I have the desire, whether I should run
a half-marathon now, or try a marathon in the

But I know my best interest is 1)Good Health 2)Losing
weight 3)No injury. And I should not care how fast I run,
even though I am still the slowest in the group.

And it is the same for RE Investment or Refinance.

Today a past clients called me about his new failed purchase.
His best friend, a new loan originator, asked for the business
and apparently it did not go well. And the horrible part is
that is the 2nd fail for the past 6 months. And he has to
start the whole process again.

It reminds me the same question of "the best interest".
As a buyer, your best interest are:
1)Get a good deal(save $5000 on the purchase price
is easy; save $5000 on mortgage interest payment is
very hard).
2)Close the good deal smoothly on time.

Giving the friend the business is not your best interest(
unless your friend can get it done); lowerest interest rate
is not your best interest. And you can always get
a lower rates at refinance, f nay chance.

Thanks for reading and Have a happy Good Friday.

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