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What's LETS?
April 18th, 2016 11:31 PM
Went to a friend's party over the weekend. And one of my friends explained the leadership class he just completed. It is about the communication skills with co-workers, managers, subordinates, etc. One technique the class taught was LETS. It stands for Listen, Explore, Talk and Solve. And my friend said that it really helped me a lot(he even gave me one example he applied this technique).

One of my clients emailed me the following questions today:
My income is such and such.
1)If we sold the rental property, how much can we borrow?
2)If we want to keep the rental property, and do the cash-out, how much can we borrow?

Instead of answering the questions directly, I asked the questions first, and tried and listen and understand the purpose of this request. Then I will explore the options we have, and then talk about the best scenarios and the best interest the clients might have, and give them the solution(the client still need to make the final decision).
So we can still learn something new every day.

It is getting warmer now, and I plan to go swimming soon. Last year, I had one coach and she taught me a little bit about the techniques, but I do not think It met my expectations. I thought it over for the last a few weeks.
1)Do I need to learn swimming? The answer is yet. I felt so good when I was in the pool after the running. So it is actually better for my running.
2)Then how should I do it? I remembered my experience about running and losing the weight. When I planned to start running, I joined a local running club, I ran with them for 2 miles, and then could not keep up with them. So I figured out that I should do some running myself, I went to another 10k training first, then half marathon training. In the summer of 2011, 2012, I ran about 1.5 hours every Saturday/Sunday mornings, just kept running, do not care about the speed, etc. Then I had strong leg muscles, lost about 10-15 lbs in between, then started running with the club again, and did some speed workout. I still could not keep up with them, then I ran with the ladies, kept the training a few more times with Half Marathons. And eventually I could train with the group.

So for the swimming, I think I should adopt the same strategy. Just go to the pool, go swimming for about two summers, do whatever I can do to stay in the pool for 30-60 minutes. Then I think I can start having a coach to learn some techniques to help me.
So I should be patient at this moment.  

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