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The interest rate is getting better?
October 26th, 2015 7:15 PM
It is getting better for some jumbo programs, like 10/1 ARM or 30 yr fixed. Please email me for a quote. My email address is:

I do not know whether it is a good thing or bad thing. Basically I closed more jumbo loans now(than conforming loans or high balance loans). Last month, I closed 7 jumbo loans, and this months I closed 5, though we still have a few days left.

The reason for this scenario is because of the high demand, and also we can cash-out HB loan to do a jumbo loan to take advantage of the better rates. And so far, the jumbo rates still at the lowest levels.

Some of my friends are talking about the medal hangers for the Marathon Medals. One of my friends already bought one. And when I talked to my wife, she said that she got me one as well. I just do not know how many medals this hanger can hold. My plan is to get 100 medals before the age of 75. Hopefully I can maintain my health level so I can at least finish 100 marathons.

Talked to my coach about my next marathon strategy. It should be easier to qualify for Boston if I do not have cramps. And even I do have it again, I think I still have the chance, I think I am ready.

My training for this year is a little bit tough than last year. The main difference is the back to back training on Thursday. Basically I will do one tempo or speed workout aroudn 6am to 7am for 7 Miles. Then I will do another 11 to 12 miles tempo at 10am. And the 2nd tempo will have a pace of 7:40 minutes per mile. I already completed last 3 back to back training and felt very strong.  And after that, I had another long run this Saturday for 17 miles with average pace of 7:52. This is still much better than my Qualifier pace.

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