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The Rate, and boring Rate

June 17th, 2011 11:48 AM by Eric Fang

Even though the rate is at the lowest level in 2011,
for fixed program, it's still not at the level everyone

For most of the questions I got recently,
1)Can I get 4.375% for high-balance 30 yr fixed?
My answer is no, unless the stock market is down
another 500 or more points.

2)Can I get 15 yr fixed 3.5% to 3.625%? We need to
be patient for those rates.

I am very patiently on those rates since my clients
(most of them) have good rates. They can either wait
for better rates, or very comfortable at the current

I am still thinking about "linchpin" issue. How can
we become indispenable?

First, we want to be different. If I am not different,
then it will be easily replaced.

I was an Oracle DBA for about 10 years. I was a general
DBA, doing the routine backup/recovery, maintenance stuff.
Then I focused the performance tuning. At least I was
a little bit different. Then I "added" some skills to
code java files to support multiple vendors(oher than Oracle).
Job was a little bit secure nad paid a little bit better.

And then I changed my career(totally changed) as a
mortgage originator(I called myself as an originator,
not an agent). Though my clients told me that there were
tons of loan originators(I heard that there is one of every
10 people have the license), I want to be different.

And so I am. I want to be the expert on the mortgage
industry. I want to have a blog to share with lots of
people, and I want to have my way of doing loans so that
you guys have a different experience.

Sometimes, my rate trend analysis did help my clients to
get the best rate and have a peaceful mind of doing
purchase or refinance. I hope I can do better in the future.

And I am a little bit different and "linchpin", is not?

TGIF and Happy Fathers Day.

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Posted by Eric Fang on June 17th, 2011 11:48 AM



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