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The (working) harder the better?

August 23rd, 2016 10:20 PM by Eric Fang

I tried the whole morning to call Enterprise to try to make the payment for the Toll fees when I drove on the highway 407 in Toronto, Canada. I waited online for about an hour, it did not get through, and then I called the E407 company, and they said they could not help much. So I decided to make another phone call tomorrow. Then guess what? I got a letter from the Enterprise today. So I wasted my time to try to work it out. It's even better if I did not do anything.

My friend H makes a living by trading stocks now. We used to work in the same software company, and then I became a mortgage broker, and he joined a startup company. And then he retired after the company acquired. So he trades stocks after that. And he indeed did pretty well. He told me two things, 1)You need to prepare everything ahead of time, for what's going to happen, or not to happen. But you need to prepare 2)You will have to realize that you will not make more money if you work harder. You might lose more money. It is so true.

Normally my loan volumes will be 3 times of a good loan agent. And I did it by working hard and good pipeline strategy. One important thing is that I let all my third party partners do their work. But for the past week, I had one very nervous borrower, he watched me every loan steps, the signoff, the fundings, the old loan payoffs, etc. For my regular processing, after the loan docs drawn, I will let notary and the escrow company, and the funder do their job, and I do not have to get involved. And I do not have to get involved, and just let those partners do their job. But for this client's loan, I worked very "hard", I got the 5-6 text messages, 3-5 phone calls every day, and I had to call escrow officer, and the funder everyday. Though that loan was funded about one day earlier, but it affected my other loans' closing, since I wasted too much time on those useless phone calls, emails.
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Posted by Eric Fang on August 23rd, 2016 10:20 PM



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